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fly fishing in Poland


September 26th, 2010

JT working hard

John Tyzack, as every year, came with his group to win the who-can-drink-more-beer contest. Poor result of 116 litres of beer + 15 bottles of wine was as JT explained, caused by himself not feeling well and a visit to our friend’s cave where a wine tasting (swallowing would be a better word) evening was held.
Most beautiful weather all through the week  unfortunately didn’t cope with the results, although some glimpses of good fishing have occurred. I’ll get John to write a few words about their trip soon.

Skippy's group

September 20th, 2010

Stuart “Snake” Crofts – one of the best guides I’ve ever met was hosting a group last week. Here’s his report of that week.

Greetings Earthilings, I come in peace.

It is just 12 months since I last took a group fishing to the San, how time flies.

We arrived on Sunday the 12 of September in warm sunshine but the river was a little high and coloured due to some resent rain and a generally wet summer (I think Wojtek now has webbed feet!)

However, we had a good week fishing with some large grayling (over 2lb (1kg)) taken almost everyday. These were mainly on the nymph as the blizzard hatches we had last year did not occur this time. This is probably as a result of the damaging floods of the summer. But, don’t worry the insects will bounce back – they always do on clean unpolluted rivers like the San. We did get some dry fly sport, this was courtesy of the beautiful wild brown trout (around 10 inches with the odd larger one), these were mainly on terrestrial type patterns with small ants often the fishes menu. There was the odd spinner fall but these tended to be short lived affairs simply due to the lack of duns emerging during the day. The caddis too were not quite as numerous as I have seen before but it was amazing how often a tricky fish would fall to a well presented caddis pattern – the fish know all about caddis on the San.

Richard (our driver and guide) was, as always, a star. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he also has a smile and plenty to talk about. Wojtek`s cooking was even better this year than last (and that was wonderful), the highlight of the week was “ribs”. It was like a scene from the Flintstones!

These trips are fantastic, all you have to do is get up and go fishing, everything else is taken care of. The river, scenery and wildlife are spectacular and there is always something happening. I have already booked again for next year.

Stuart (Skippy) Crofts

Garden rediscovered

September 14th, 2010

I admit, I had nasty thoughts about the water in front of our lodge. Nothing happened there for weeks, all I could convince to bite were small trout. Now I’ll tell you about last two evenings I’ve spent there: yesterday desert at start. I insisted and finally in the currents… bum! several decent fish, all above 32 took my disgusting meaty sedge size 14! I was happy as never. Tonight with Kuba, my good friend, we sneaked out for two hours fishing. Not much happened at the beginning, then I hooked a lovely 37 grayling, then it got only better. Kuba had a 42 cm grayling as the biggest I didn’t cross the 37 mark, although I equalized it 4 times! the winner fly was a size 16 quill body emerger I tied few days ago, pictured below. Ouff, I’m a happy man…

Wojtek's quill dun

Just to add something – Skippy’s group didn’t catch huge numbers, but Andy’s 50 cm grayling made the day…

About fishing

September 10th, 2010

The weather is clumsy – quite warm, but we have rain every day so the river is a bit coloured. Fishing is very strange – one day can be good with reasonable amount of fish rising, another gives you an impression of fishing a swimming pool – not a single rise troubles the surface. As usually at this time of year little trout attack anything that moves. Grayling are nailed to the bottom and rarely you see one rising regularly. Hatches are not constant yet, mainly olives, but still some sedges appear. It rains just now, hope it doesn’t spoil the fishing any more.


September 5th, 2010

After serious rain we had our first day fishing in surprisingly good conditions – fish took hundreds of BWO’s, not as eagerly though as the swallows. If hatches continue we might get some decent fishing finally! Meanwhile it started raining and it is sooo cold!

Real olive and it's love dolls

For a change

September 3rd, 2010

We went to the forest to check if there were any mushrooms. The feast we had afterwards with deer in fresh mushrooms cannot be described.

Watering the lawn

September 1st, 2010

Luckily the rain came and stayed with us for 3 days watering the garden. River unfisheable…

Very warm

August 27th, 2010

Last few days were very warm, up to 29 degrees. What is interesting the nights are as warm as days. Few days ago there was 23 degrees at 5 AM. Fishing is slow – few more day and it will be ok.

River low

August 15th, 2010

The river dropped to the minimal flow. It gets very warm during the day, the evenings and nights are cold – temperatures drop to 10 degrees. You can sense the summer getting to an end with my most favourite time of year knocking on the door.


August 12th, 2010

Sylvain and his group has fished the river for few days. Very hard fishing with fish almost inactive and not much hatches going on. This isn’t so unusual for August, but this time it was extreme. I caught a reasonable trout when landed it it split in my hand a handful of shrimps – I don’t get it how could that amount fit in his stomach! I think this is the reason of fish being inactive – all the floods and high water have given them so much free food that they won’t bother rising to pick up a lovely CDC sedge…