River reports – San River Poland


fly fishing in Poland

Friend's group

October 22nd, 2010

Usual season’s closing ceremony is celebrate with the friends group. Relaxed fishing, table soccer evenings, some wine swimming – simply the best week in the year. Shame John and Barry couldn’t make it – hope they will be here next year! Jeremy will write few words about this week.

Paul's and his pipe - look how hard life is ...

Pat's report

October 21st, 2010

7 keen anglers, lifted buy Paul’s report of incredible hatches, arrived t0 find the water level low, weather bright but cold and fish rising occasionally in a limited number of spots.

During the week all beats on the No Kill section of the river were thoroughly explored with the top and islands beats being the most productive – Martin Glennie finding fish watching fascinating and success in taking 45cm+ grayling by dapp

ing a size 18 dry in a swirling breeze.  The Bowland trio of Chris Hosker, Alan Davies and Keith Owen worked hardest covering the water without the results due although all 3 caught some nice fish.  Just as Alan got stuck into a pod of big grayling 12 inches of dirty water was released in to the river which put paid to his afternoon.

Arek got to some decent grayling

Watching the river flow collapse and then rise 3 feet in the space of 15 minutes the following afternoon again killed the fishing for the day and gave cause for some interesting exit strategies from the river.  Bill Beddows had success on the nymph and dry, particularly by inducing an apparent hatch of sedge one evening.  Matt Stevens had a great trip and caught everyday, not bad for one with limited experience.  It was a great shame that the cameraman was not functioning when his 45cm grayling came to hand.

Generally the week was interesting with all catching some fish every day.  The potential of the river was obvious but not realised this week, conditions did seem to be a bit against us.  Accommodation, tying facilities and Richard’s guiding were all great as was the wild life (otters, red and roe deer, foxes, eagles, and kingfishers to name a few species seen).  I am sure we will be back with more knowledge and success next time.


Paul's report

October 11th, 2010

With reports of difficult fishing, our annual pilgrimage to the San river began as a nerve wracking journey.  Many nights sleep had been lost, worrying if the San’s invertebrate population had survived raging floods earlier this year.

Paul Procter's grayling

However, our arrival coincided with prefect river levels and some pretty special fly hatches.  Better still, a layer of dense cloud dominated the initial days, so, with 2 weeks panning out in front of me there would be plenty of scope to experiment, using new flies and techniques.

As each day passed, hatches of Blue Winged Olives increased and quick to join them were flurries of Pale Wateries-does it get any better?   Naturally, dry flies featured for several days with slim CdC dressings and parachute patterns coming up trumps.  The climax came after several days when a hatch of BWOs reached unprecedented proportions, even the fish failed to cope with so much fly.  I well remember just climbing out of the water to enjoy such a spectacle with Wojtek remarking he’d only ever seen fly in such numbers once before.

Paul's trout

Cold temperatures with clear skies replaced cloud for the second week and once the fish had acclimatised to harsh sunlight, it was business as usual.  Both my parties did me proud by connecting with several notable fish.  Some of them preferred nymphs, others dry flies and a few guys fished the fabled North Country Spiders.  In all, it seemed most methods worked though the emphasis was definitely on dry fly.  This years experience will remain with me for a long time to come as dense fly hatches, good company and a cool beer by the river take some beating

Mushroom feaver

October 7th, 2010

Autumn is usually the mushroom time over here. This year was great – we made our supplies for a long time with dried boletus and one of the most delicious – Saffron milk caps (lactarius deliciosus) Served with venison made our guests happy!

Autumn mushrooms

Stunning autumn

October 5th, 2010

The autumn is stunningly beautiful – from frosty nights beautiful days are born. Mountains start catching colours, and the fishing…..

Morning frost in the garden

Morning frost in the garden

Sunset at the garden of our lodge

Hatch of the year

October 2nd, 2010

We have experienced some totally insane hatch of olives today. Paul Procter was standing in the river laughing as a kid and kept on saying: it’s impossible!

Well, you could feed an army with what was on the surface..

crazy blue winged olive hatch on the San

Sir Lucas, I owe you a beer.

October 2nd, 2010

I remember Jeremy saying about his experience fishing the San one day, where he couldn’t get to grayling, cause trout were always faster onto his fly. So he said – I just fished all the trout out of the pool and that’s when grayling started to appear. Well – I must say I took it as any other fishing story, until yesterday, where I found myself in a lovely pool on Eldorado, where after fishing out about 20 trout I had some 10 cracking grayling, which were inaccessible at the start. Sir, I learn slowly, but I do :)


October 1st, 2010

Two best day fishing this year. Amazing hatches kept the fish on for all day. Some cracking fishing not compared to the rest of such a poor season. Will add some pictures soon.

JT's report

September 27th, 2010

Well, that was my sixth visit to the San River (John Tyzack speaking) and some of the hardest fishing I have ever experienced! We had glorious weather (for getting a sun tan) but not the best to encourage the San’s grayling to rise… Add to that the very low water and crystal clarity and you may begin to see why it was so difficult.

That said, my group and I all caught decent grayling in the 40cm+ range with Richie’s fish topping the group at 46cm. We also hooked and lost a good number of bigger fish, usually at last light and usually on the sherry spinner.

Richie's got one, picture stolen from Pointon's disgusting blog

Richie's got one, picture stolen from Pointon's disgusting blog

Hatches were unusual for the time of year. In 2009 we were ‘plagued’ with blizzards of BWO, but this year they just trickled off in dribs and drabs. Pale wateries put in more of an appearance and fish

could be tempted to rise to a well presented artificial…sometimes. A quick look under the stones revealed millions of sedge/caddis pupae still waiting to hatch off and these are very late indeed. I tend to agree with Skippy that the floods have had a lot to say on this score.

Despite the tricky fishing, we had an e

xcellent week, well looked after by Wojtek and Richard as always. The wildlife was incredible, sightings included: kingfishers, eagles, cranes, deer, snakes, lizzards and some of the scariest looking spiders I’ve seen! Already booked for 2011 and it will be almost exactly the same group of lads. (Sorry W, but yes, you’ll have to suffer the full on Pointon Treatment again!)


Sunday grayling

September 26th, 2010

Sneaked out in the afternoon for 2 hours fishing. Got 3 grayling about 40, two smaller ones, 4 trout. First good grayling on a sedge, the rest on size 18 black bead nymph. good fun, shame it started raining!!!!!!

Nice grayling on a nymph