River reports – San River Poland


fly fishing in Poland

Sedges strike back.

May 11th, 2007

Earlier than last year sedges appeared. It started one night when small black winged caddies invaded our village – at every spot of light there were milion flies. Seeing this I went on the river bank – the river was alive – thousands of splashes all over the river “spoiled” the silence of this warm night. Incredible how rich this ecosystem is!

Evening sessions

May 7th, 2007

River is still low and clear. We had some rain for past two days, but it didn’t influence very much the river. Fishing is still limited to these few spots where grayling didn’t spawn. Evening sessions are definately the best, as first sedges begin to hatch. Due to this absolute cristal water there is not much visual activity during the day – but after sunset when approaching the river bank you can hear milions of splashes.

Wet flies in spring

May 1st, 2007

Weather is beautiful except for some very cold nights. San is low and crystal clear. We limit fishing so as not to destroy grayling nests which are almost all over the river!!. However, fishing days have confirmed that at this time of year wet flies work best – partridge and yellow and black spiders do the job perfectly tempting trout, but also hungry grayling – that’s another reason not to fish, allowing these fabulous fish to recover after spawning.

Grayling spawning

April 18th, 2007

The grayling spawns. Everywhere. Millions of them. It is now that you realise how enormous numbers of these fish is present in the San.
Seeing 200 fish in 15 minutes is not a problem.

Dancing with the Huchen

April 6th, 2007

This will be a day to remember. I have no proofs, no pictures, no witness… I was alone on the no-kill on a lazy Easter afternoon fishing streamers, luckily on a 7-8 wt. powerfull Orvis Advantage rod. After around 20 good, but not breathtaking trout in about 2.5 hours, I was already heading to the car when I had the fiftieth snag this day. Unlikely the 49 before this one after a moment of hesitation started to swim upstream with a force of a submarine. It took 25 minutes of arguing between my reel drag, my waisted hand and the fish before I managed to bring the torpedo close to me. Than I discovered that my ridiculous small landing net was not made to land logs. This one was a log, a gorgeous, easily one meter huchen, in its incredible spawning purple colours… I let it loose at my feet realising that it is impossible to land it, especially beeing alone in the middle of an 80 meters large river with water up to my chest. By the way – I discovered the fact of beeing all wet well after returning home – I must have stepped to deep when dancing with the salmon…

You can sense the spring coming

April 1st, 2007

Winter is almost over – even on the highest peaks snow is almost gone, only northern slopes covered with forests are still painted in white. The water level dropped so water gets slightly warmer. Fishing is good and first fish on dries were reported. Grayling and huchen started spawning so we try to avoid wading in “suspicious” places.
Let’s give it a few more days and the show will begin.


March 27th, 2007

River stays high and cold and last week was probably the most windy this year, so we didn’t fish at all. Snow melts allover the mountains and spring is visible on every step. Soon, very soon we will fish each and every day !

Smallest huchen

March 18th, 2007

Another good day of fishing, however afternoon strong wind appeared and made casting unpleasant. We caught less fish than yesterday in the average size of 35-40. The interesting catch was Sylvain’s 45 cm huchen (picture on the right). Well that was good training before the 1meter one he is planning to catch soon. The colours and the condition of every single trout are incredibly good.

Streamer fishing

March 17th, 2007

Enjoying the beautifull weather we went to fish the no-kill sector of the San. As grayling will spawn very soon we avoided nymphs. So it was all about streamers. We landed 15 fish in few hours each but lost two times that much!!! Next time we promise to tie flies on hooks :) Great fishing however water level is still high. Spring leaves a new trace every day on the bank

Beginners – don't read this!

March 12th, 2007

Peter – the president of the Angling Association and Polish flyfishing champion gave a try in these difficult conditions on the no-kill sector (comparing to yesterday the water has significantly cleared) – his results: 45 minutes 12 trout between 27-40 cm, about 10 other lost – all these on streamers. The curiosity was a 40 cm grayling caught on a lure! He tried nymphs also but as grayling, which are protected now as they spawn, kept on attacking, he instantly stopped. The only explanation needed is that few people in the world would compete with him and probably noone reading these words will ever be able to fish like he does…