River reports – San River Poland


fly fishing in Poland

Winter on the San

January 2nd, 2008

After few very cold nights and only slightly warmer days the river carries ice. First 8-9 kilometers below the dam are flowing freely, but below this there is more ice than water on the surface. Anyway it is far from freezing so we could skate :)

Lat one this year

December 31st, 2007

Temperature falls down every hour, to achieve less than minus 20 at night. Well this year’s river report is over. We started it with some cold weather and so we end it. 2007 was a good year for us – it gave us some spectacular fishing and it made us believe we do our job well. Still we didn’t find the ultimate fly nor the ultimate method, but we will search and keep you informed thru 2008 san river reports.
Happy New Year!

Flies on the water

December 28th, 2007

Nice weather, but temperature still below zero. Fishing isn’t a pleasure. Incedible thing is, that you can see some flies on the surface during the day. Water is perfectly clear.

Extreme fishing

December 16th, 2007

Tried to fish, but at minus 5 degrees the water is freezing in the guides within a minute and casting becomes impossible. Found another 10 trout spawning nests within 15 minutes. Incredible amount of these, this year!

Who sells #30 hooks?

December 8th, 2007

Winter. Cold, black river gets alive only for an hour or so. Fishing is hard. Grayling take tiny flies – the curse – to imitate this a hook 30 would be required.

Incredible day fishing

November 21st, 2007

One of the best days fishing in my life! The black, high and cold waters of the San were not troubled by the slightest breeze. That’s why a 3 hour hatch of pale wateries was so successful and kept the attention of every single fish. I didn’t believe what I had seen. Thousands of grayling rising, like on a June evening sedge hatch. I had about 17 fish in 2,5 hours, so not enormous quantity, but each fish was around 40 cm in perfect condition and the unique colours. All of them took a single plume CDC dun dressed on hook 18 or 20.

Late for spawning

November 17th, 2007

I’ve spent few days trying to picture trout spawning, but looks like I was late. Anyway, the enormous numbers of spawning nests I found is breathtakning. I found them not only on smaller streams, but mainly – in the San itself. Every place that looked suitable for spawning was indeed a spawning nest. Oh this river is rich….


November 5th, 2007

Water got lower, the weather doesn’t invite us to fish – cold, windy, rainy. This is so during about a week – it cannot last for ever. Trout starts spawning, pity the conditions are awfull and can’t get any reasonable pictures.

Water rise

October 23rd, 2007

Suddenly they started releasing water from the lake, which is strange because there isn’t much left in it! Fish are rising all over in this high, clear and cold water, the problem is that only a few places are easily accessible.

Winter tries

October 20th, 2007

Snow. Cold. Ugly. Fishing is surprisingly good and along with Jeremy we fished an incredible bit of the San, which gave us more fish than the best day on the “no-kill” sector. Next few days are to be spent with some important guests from America – hope they will get slightly better weather.