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Garden rediscovered

September 14th, 2010 at 20:25

I admit, I had nasty thoughts about the water in front of our lodge. Nothing happened there for weeks, all I could convince to bite were small trout. Now I’ll tell you about last two evenings I’ve spent there: yesterday desert at start. I insisted and finally in the currents… bum! several decent fish, all above 32 took my disgusting meaty sedge size 14! I was happy as never. Tonight with Kuba, my good friend, we sneaked out for two hours fishing. Not much happened at the beginning, then I hooked a lovely 37 grayling, then it got only better. Kuba had a 42 cm grayling as the biggest I didn’t cross the 37 mark, although I equalized it 4 times! the winner fly was a size 16 quill body emerger I tied few days ago, pictured below. Ouff, I’m a happy man…

Wojtek's quill dun

Just to add something – Skippy’s group didn’t catch huge numbers, but Andy’s 50 cm grayling made the day…