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Dancing with the Huchen

April 6th, 2007 at 12:45

This will be a day to remember. I have no proofs, no pictures, no witness… I was alone on the no-kill on a lazy Easter afternoon fishing streamers, luckily on a 7-8 wt. powerfull Orvis Advantage rod. After around 20 good, but not breathtaking trout in about 2.5 hours, I was already heading to the car when I had the fiftieth snag this day. Unlikely the 49 before this one after a moment of hesitation started to swim upstream with a force of a submarine. It took 25 minutes of arguing between my reel drag, my waisted hand and the fish before I managed to bring the torpedo close to me. Than I discovered that my ridiculous small landing net was not made to land logs. This one was a log, a gorgeous, easily one meter huchen, in its incredible spawning purple colours… I let it loose at my feet realising that it is impossible to land it, especially beeing alone in the middle of an 80 meters large river with water up to my chest. By the way – I discovered the fact of beeing all wet well after returning home – I must have stepped to deep when dancing with the salmon…