River reports – San River Poland


fly fishing in Poland

John Tyzack's report

October 11th, 2009 at 21:31

JT’s river report:

My autumn trip from 2008 was so good that I simply had to come back this year. The San river looked perfect as we arrived with low clear water and plenty of rising fish. My party agreed to wait until the morning before wetting a line. We must have albatross blood on our hands though, because some faceless chap in Warsaw decided to generate some electricity over night and by breakfast time the river was a foot higher and running like brown sludge! Wojtek assured us that we shouldn’t worry and that the river would clear very quickly. He was right. The influx of cold water didn’t help though and the fish were definitely off their grub to start with. The flies must have sensed this because they hatched with a ferocity I have never witnessed before in my life. Blue Winged Olives streamed off the surface as if there was going to be no tomorrow. Their spinners returned (also in massive numbers) throughout the late afternoons and have I mentioned the sedges yet? Awesome fishing. Dry fly reigned supreme for me, but some of the others opted for spiders and duo tactics. All methods were working and we caught plenty of grayling to 45cm plus a few bonus trout that didn’t realise they were out of season. We went home exhausted but ridiculously happy every night and I have already booked for next year! John Tyzack