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fly fishing in Poland

Paul Procter's report

October 18th, 2009 at 21:25

Paul Procter wrote us a short river report:

The San river greeted us with autumnal sunshine and a gentle breeze.  That first lunchtime is something I will long remember as Blue Winged Olives hatched like I’ve never seen before, literally thousands of duns streamed off the water.  As for the fishing, it doesn’t get any better than standing in one place, picking off rising grayling with small dry flies.  However, what a difference a day makes.  From somewhere an Artic blast rolled in over eastern Europe?  I reckon it was Wojtek doing one of his strange weather rituals!  Anyway, the next three days saw heavy snow and coupled with biting winds, it almost reached blizzard conditions.  Admittedly, our hands and toes suffered, but the olives hatches kept coming, treating us to some superb fishing during the afternoon periods.  If that wasn’t enough, spinners returned to egg lay late in the day, extending sport into near darkness.  Naturally, frequent breaks had to be taken to warm up.  Thankfully, our guide Richard tended a nice warm fire and was on hand with coffee to keep us going.  Despite the weather, the fishing we experienced really was second to none. Paul Procter