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Thoughts about 2010

December 23rd, 2010 at 10:15

2010 season is over. Not the one, we will remember as outstanding. Huge floods, long lastingĀ  rain have influenced the fishing in worse possible way. Honestly – the fishing was non existent till half September. It did get absolutely fantastic in October, but I really thought for a moment things are lost.

From the other side I couldn’t believe many people say – the floods have washed out all the fish – there is nothing left. Well – it is true – such was the impression. But look at it from the other side – how the hell did these fish survive for 1 000 000 years if there were floods every year before? (the dam was built mainly to prevent every years’ huge floods)

Fish did move to strange places – that’s true – some best pegs seemed empty!
Fish had stomachs absolutely FULL with food after floods – no wonder they were hard to catch.

For all these who were so negative – please explain where did the great, absolutely fantastic fishing come from in October?
Ask Paul Procter, Pat Stevens, Jeremy Lucas.

After what I’ve seen in November – incredible amount of spawning reeds and how the October fishing was I will risk the following statement – San is in a better condition than it ever was – certainly with trout. The soon-coming changes in fishing regulations will make it even better with grayling. San still is the world’s leading mixed trout and grayling fishery.

And if you can’t accept weather conditions influence the fishing – please stop telling lies and don’t spoil my day. I was born to live happy.
(this should be translated in French- in that language I have heard biggest nonsenses ever)

All the best to all of you for 2011, tight lines!