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fly fishing in Poland

Pat's report

October 21st, 2010 at 14:53

7 keen anglers, lifted buy Paul’s report of incredible hatches, arrived t0 find the water level low, weather bright but cold and fish rising occasionally in a limited number of spots.

During the week all beats on the No Kill section of the river were thoroughly explored with the top and islands beats being the most productive – Martin Glennie finding fish watching fascinating and success in taking 45cm+ grayling by dapp

ing a size 18 dry in a swirling breeze.  The Bowland trio of Chris Hosker, Alan Davies and Keith Owen worked hardest covering the water without the results due although all 3 caught some nice fish.  Just as Alan got stuck into a pod of big grayling 12 inches of dirty water was released in to the river which put paid to his afternoon.

Arek got to some decent grayling

Watching the river flow collapse and then rise 3 feet in the space of 15 minutes the following afternoon again killed the fishing for the day and gave cause for some interesting exit strategies from the river.  Bill Beddows had success on the nymph and dry, particularly by inducing an apparent hatch of sedge one evening.  Matt Stevens had a great trip and caught everyday, not bad for one with limited experience.  It was a great shame that the cameraman was not functioning when his 45cm grayling came to hand.

Generally the week was interesting with all catching some fish every day.  The potential of the river was obvious but not realised this week, conditions did seem to be a bit against us.  Accommodation, tying facilities and Richard’s guiding were all great as was the wild life (otters, red and roe deer, foxes, eagles, and kingfishers to name a few species seen).  I am sure we will be back with more knowledge and success next time.