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JT's report

September 27th, 2010 at 18:41

Well, that was my sixth visit to the San River (John Tyzack speaking) and some of the hardest fishing I have ever experienced! We had glorious weather (for getting a sun tan) but not the best to encourage the San’s grayling to rise… Add to that the very low water and crystal clarity and you may begin to see why it was so difficult.

That said, my group and I all caught decent grayling in the 40cm+ range with Richie’s fish topping the group at 46cm. We also hooked and lost a good number of bigger fish, usually at last light and usually on the sherry spinner.

Richie's got one, picture stolen from Pointon's disgusting blog

Richie's got one, picture stolen from Pointon's disgusting blog

Hatches were unusual for the time of year. In 2009 we were ‘plagued’ with blizzards of BWO, but this year they just trickled off in dribs and drabs. Pale wateries put in more of an appearance and fish

could be tempted to rise to a well presented artificial…sometimes. A quick look under the stones revealed millions of sedge/caddis pupae still waiting to hatch off and these are very late indeed. I tend to agree with Skippy that the floods have had a lot to say on this score.

Despite the tricky fishing, we had an e

xcellent week, well looked after by Wojtek and Richard as always. The wildlife was incredible, sightings included: kingfishers, eagles, cranes, deer, snakes, lizzards and some of the scariest looking spiders I’ve seen! Already booked for 2011 and it will be almost exactly the same group of lads. (Sorry W, but yes, you’ll have to suffer the full on Pointon Treatment again!)