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After 2013

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Well it has been an interesting time since I last wrote.
I decided to give it a break with groups for 2011. Still fished the San a lot by myself and had a few small groups of friends mainly. I used this time to create Polishquills which grows to be a very successful fly tying business and to travel a bit fishing in Europe.

Now it is over – 2013 was probably the best year on the San since a looong time – what happened this year with a peak in October was simply incredible.
Hatches, fish rising – just like it should be.
The amount of good size trout is just unbelievable and the grayling… I’ve had 4 biggest grayling of my life this year…

So we’re back and already have pretty good amount of bookings for 2014, still a few weeks to fill.

I’ll be present with Polishquills on the fly fair in Charleroi (end January) Paris (end February) and Munich (end March)

I wish you all the best and tight lines for next year!



Jeremy Lucas’ – introduction to 2011

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Wojtek has been very frustrated by last year’s fishing on the San.  I write the following to clarify matters a little more.  I was therewith groups from (mainly) Britain in June, September and October, while friends of mine hosted groups at other times.  In all cases we could see that there has been some structural changes wrought by the big floods.  As Wojtek points out, some traditionally good areas fished not as well as expected, while other usually less productive areas were surprisingly good.

Caddis activity was strong, with tremendous hatches, either side of the floods, while the mayfly (danica) was the strongest show I have ever seen.  The other, famous ephemerid hatches, particularly the BWO, were strong, but a little later than usual.  I subscribe completely to Wojtek’s view that the fish populations have never been better on this still magnificent river.  In fact I think there are now far more respectably sized trout in the system than ever before in my memory, while the grayling fishing remains the best in Europe!  On all my visits, and those of my friends, great catches of both species were made, even in June when the floods were at their worst last year.

Anglers are all too ready to blame the river for their lack of success.  This is, finally, nonsense.  There is very little wrong with the San and, indeed, it should be seen as a model trout and grayling fishery for the rest of Europe.  Floods will seldom do any long term damage.  Only industrial pollution (not present in the San River Basin) and agricultural damage (hardly present here) can do that.  The Polish Angling Association, along with careful management of the forest in the region as well as almost entirely sustainable agriculture, has protected this river; and this is very rare in modern Europe.

As anglers we should be applauding and revering this river.  If we fail to catch here because of a flood, then we should live with it and come back another day.  If we fail to catch for other reasons, then we should blame ourselves and learn how to do it better.

Thoughts about 2010

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

2010 season is over. Not the one, we will remember as outstanding. Huge floods, long lasting  rain have influenced the fishing in worse possible way. Honestly – the fishing was non existent till half September. It did get absolutely fantastic in October, but I really thought for a moment things are lost.

From the other side I couldn’t believe many people say – the floods have washed out all the fish – there is nothing left. Well – it is true – such was the impression. But look at it from the other side – how the hell did these fish survive for 1 000 000 years if there were floods every year before? (the dam was built mainly to prevent every years’ huge floods)

Fish did move to strange places – that’s true – some best pegs seemed empty!
Fish had stomachs absolutely FULL with food after floods – no wonder they were hard to catch.

For all these who were so negative – please explain where did the great, absolutely fantastic fishing come from in October?
Ask Paul Procter, Pat Stevens, Jeremy Lucas.

After what I’ve seen in November – incredible amount of spawning reeds and how the October fishing was I will risk the following statement – San is in a better condition than it ever was – certainly with trout. The soon-coming changes in fishing regulations will make it even better with grayling. San still is the world’s leading mixed trout and grayling fishery.

And if you can’t accept weather conditions influence the fishing – please stop telling lies and don’t spoil my day. I was born to live happy.
(this should be translated in French- in that language I have heard biggest nonsenses ever)

All the best to all of you for 2011, tight lines!